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Over the past two years, we have been traveling throughout Mexico, sharing the beauty of this country—its people, its culture, and its traditions. While we have had the privilege to see and explore a lot of this beautiful country, some of our fondest memories from around this incredible country were spent right here in the state of Querétaro.


Before embarking on a trip of a lifetime through Quéretaro, we had zero expectations. We knew there was cheese, wine, and the Sierra Gorda. That’s it. Quickly into our journey towards the Sierra we knew it was going to be a trip we would never forget. The drive from downtown Querétaro to Pinal de Amoles was beautiful—the landscape along the entire route was breathtaking. Our views slowly changed from the hills of Querétaro, to the magnificent Peña de Bernal, to cliffs and mountains as we neared the Sierra, and finally to pine trees, mountains, and foggy air as we arrived into Pinal de Amoles. This quaint mountain town with a population of only about 25,000 people is so incredibly charming!


The main plaza and church are beautiful. We spent the afternoon wandering around the city center and of course ate a delicious home cooked meal. The only thing that could possibly be better than the views that Querétaro has to offer is the food! At over 2,400 meters above sea-level, the air has a refreshing chill to it. If you need to escape city life and find a place to relax and unplug- we could think of no better place than Pinal de Amoles.


We left Pinal de Amoles and headed to Jalpan, where we would spend the night. We drove four wheelers to a beautiful cave in the late afternoon and around sunset, hundreds of thousands of bats flew out of the cave. It was truly incredible to see—and so unexpected! The next morning we enjoyed paddling around the peaceful lake. The water was calm and the birds were chirping so happily that this made for a great morning on the water. Later that day, we explored the beautiful plaza area and then ventured to the archaeological site of Tancama. The day was packed with diverse activities that really made us excited to know that Querétaro has so many incredible things left to be discovered.


We began our trip only knowing that Querétaro had cheese, wine, and mountains. We finished the trip with a deep appreciation for the love and care that goes into each bite of cheese and each sip of wine and envy for anybody that gets to breathe the cool mountain air of Pinal de Amoles every single day. Our road trip through Querétaro was a trip we will never forget. If there is one thing we can leave you with, it is this-the state of Querétaro is diverse; it is beautiful; and it is worth exploring.

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